Social Media Posts and Comments We Couldn’t Help but Read Twice

Social Media Posts and Comments We Couldn't Help but Read Twice

The internet is generally a terrific resource. It enables us to communicate with friends all around the world, do any kind of online shopping, and even view videos of screaming’ goats! But every now and again, we are shocked to discover that the internet can also be a gloomy place. Yes, everyone who utilized social media will be aware that individuals have the ability to say… dubious things. Additionally, the participants in the exchanges below need to have recognized when to cease. But given that they didn’t, we should probably giggle at the muddle they made.

That’s Berry Strange


When you’re bored, what do you do? Put a movie on? Approach your friends? browse the web via scrolling? Everybody has a different method for overcoming boredom, however,┬áhave you ever felt so disinterested that you choose to slice a strawberry? It’s not exactly a common activity to pass the time, so we’re going to presume that very few individuals have really done this. Yes, this is definitely odd.

It is rather interesting to observe what a strawberry would resemble without its red peel and seeds, even if we ourselves wouldn’t do this. So, we suppose we owe this individual a debt of gratitude.


Not Your Average Pet

People, what’s wrong with an animal or a cat? It seems that more and more individuals are choosing to get strange pets. Actor Nicolas Cage, for example, even acquired an octopus as a pet a few years ago. And even if this cost him an absurd fifty thousand dollars, we have to admit that compared with the woman’s pet leech, an octopus appears relatively regular. Your pet shouldn’t need to eat from you to live, last we checked!

Despite the fact that the owner of this leech attempted to disguise its true bloodsucking nature with a pink ribbon, nothing could disguise the fact that it was a leech. This makes us feel uneasy.

Please Let Him Pee in Private

We completely see why people like superstars. People spend their whole lives expecting to come across a celebrity because they are promoted in a manner that renders them among the most alluring and enigmatic individuals in the world. But have you ever encountered the saying, “Never see your heroes?” That might be the case since most of all of your idols are merely average individuals with glamorous occupations.

Joaquin Phoenix’s ardent admirers were so determined to see him that one of them even accompanied him into a bathroom to observe him urinate. And it’s clear from the pictures they took of him that he wasn’t really appreciative.

Justice for This Sandwich

Some meals may be consumed in several different ways. like, say, Oreos! Some people consume them whole, while others break them into pieces, and yet others dip them in milk. However, it’s clear that this person’s odd sandwich-eating habits caused controversy when they uploaded this on social media. Have you ever seen something similar? given that we haven’t.

Yes, it makes sense to save a sandwich for later. We like having a delectable lunch waiting for us when we are hungry. But eating this way, in half? We can’t even look at it any longer since this is equivalent to sandwich sacrilege.

Hang On, Pump the Brakes

Driving isn’t simple, and you probably do not require us to inform you of that. There is a rationale for why there is an age limit on traveling and why you must pass a test in order to be able to drive alone. However, this tweet just serves to highlight the possibility that stricter guidelines about who is and isn’t permitted to drive should be implemented. We also can’t help but feel that this girl may have some review lessons.

Driving with two feet is not very rare, but how about using the other foot? That simply sounds a little risky to us, to be honest. And how pleasant can that possibly be?

Hello? 911.

Let’s face it: the internet is the best way to communicate. On this app, you may make friends with strangers as well as celebrities and people you know in real life. On social media, it’s really simple to meet new people, & most of the time, these encounters are positive and exciting. These conversations may also be downright spooky at times, which may make some individuals worry about their safety.

Is anyone experiencing chills down their spine? Nobody likes having their photo taken, particularly when it’s done covertly by a person who has obviously been watching them.

She Wants to Be Prepared for What Exactly?

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know how serious cravings during pregnancy may be. It seems like you must satisfy your hunger right now, and until you have it in your hands, your mind won’t let you think about anything else. We’re not too shocked to see this tweet since most pregnant ladies would cheerfully yell and scream at anybody who gets in the way of them and their appetites.

Although we understand that desires related to pregnancy may become overwhelming, the fact that this lady wasn’t even pregnant when she posed the question about hurling a drink at the Starbucks baristas makes this tweet stranger!

Too Soon, Bro

All is not fair in love and war. It’s a tough world out there for singletons, which is why we appreciate that everyone has to shoot their shot in their unique ways. But there are some unwritten rules when it comes to shooting your shot, right? And asking if someone is single in response to a tweet of them burying their boyfriend is definitely breaking one of those unwritten rules.

This guy didn’t even give her a chance to grieve before he decided to slide into her DMs, which just goes to show that he’s definitely not the right guy for her.

Think Before You Tweet

Can we just take a moment to give these ladies a round of applause? It takes a lot for someone to beat an eating disorder, and it takes even more to share their brave story on social media. So, let’s congratulate these two women for their amazing achievements! And while we’re at it, let’s tell them to block the guy who loves using a fire emoji a little too much.

How about thinking before you tweet? Some things are better left unsaid, and we have a feeling that they probably didn’t appreciate that so-called “compliment” at that moment in time.

Mr. Motivator

If you want to hold yourself accountable for something, the internet could be the best place for you. There are so many encouraging and motivational people online, and this is great if you want to lose weight or curb a dangerous habit. This guy decided to do that when he’d been cold turkey for four whole weeks, and he wanted to share his win with his friends and followers online!

And while the person who commented below tried to get into the supportive spirit, we don’t think they offered what the original poster was looking for. He doesn’t need a cheat day, after all.

Can We Ask Where You Went to Medical School?

You probably don’t need us to tell you that everyone on the internet thinks they’re an expert – especially in the medical realm! These people watch one episode of Grey’s Anatomy and immediately think that they’re the best doctor since McDreamy. And we guess that’s why this person decided to share their “knowledge” about babies and mothers on social media. The only problem was that it was so far-fetched it was almost laughable!

If moms really did have a natural instinct to kill their babies, we would be living in a very different world. Humans aren’t polar bears, after all. We don’t kill and eat our young.

We Don’t Even Know What to Say to This One

Demi Lovato is one of the most famous singers out there, and it’s not hard to understand why. Not only does her music connect with so many people on a deeper level, but her personal experiences have also helped those struggling with their mental health. But we can’t help but wonder if she knows how she’s helping this person, too. After all, it’s not every day you find someone who chews on a photo of you.

Actually, we’re not sure if chewing on this photo is a compliment or an insult to Demi, so maybe it’s best that she doesn’t know what goes on in this house.

A Chew Toy for Humans, Not a Human Chew Toy

When you think about it, an adult chew toy sounds like a nifty idea. After all, life can be pretty stressful and uncomfortable sometimes, and having something to take your anxiety out on could work in a lot of people’s favor. So, we actually thank the original poster for posing a very important question. Why don’t they make chew toys for adult humans? Well, it might have something to do with the person who responded.

Although we appreciate honesty in this house, we think this woman should have kept this little nugget of information to herself. The original poster was talking about a chew toy for humans, not a human chew toy.

Time to Go to the ER

The beauty of the human brain is that most of us have a filter that stops us from doing stupid things. Sure, we get a stupid idea sometimes – but most of the time, our logic and reasoning scream for us to stop before things get out of hand. However, not everyone listens to this angel on their shoulder. Sometimes they flick the angel off and bring the devil closer.

We don’t know why this person decided to drink the contents of a snow globe, but we have a feeling that they took a trip to the ER not long after they took their last gulp.

We Bet His Girlfriend’s Real Happy

Nowadays, tattoos are incredibly common. And most of the time, people choose to ink their bodies in words and images that truly mean something to them. Of course, some would say that it’s a little risky getting a girlfriend’s face tattooed on your body – which might be why this guy decided not to do that. Instead, he tattooed the face of an internet influencer on his arm. And when another user poked fun at him, he came out on top.

While he won this internet battle, he might have another thing coming for him once his actual girlfriend sees the new ink.

Sometimes It Is

There are two kinds of people in this world; those who dream of having children and those who are pretty content with living their lives without them. And while we appreciate that everyone has their own opinions, it seems as though one woman didn’t agree with the statement that “hating kids is not normal actually.” And this commenter didn’t just come up with her response out of the blue. She had previous experience.

You can be as nice as possible to kids, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be nice to you back. And this woman realized this for herself during her flight.

Clean Eating Gone Wrong

More and more individuals nowadays are making an effort to eat a clean, nutritious diet. Every time you open social media, you see people prepare their chicken and vegetables, and it appears like everyone has a unique recipe that they like. But right now, we’re a bit concerned about this woman’s health. However, given that we haven’t heard from her, we may infer that she’s got her head in the s***.

If you really want to, you can eat raw fish and steak, but medium-rare chicken? That is a certain prescription for tragedy. I hope she’s not having too much trouble with her stomach.

Just Wondering – Do You Ask the Waiter if They’re Atheist Before or After Appetizers?

Religion can bring so many people together, but it can also tear people apart. But at the end of the day, you should focus on your personal relationship with religion – and not focus on other people! But it seems as though this religious diner didn’t get that memo. They decided to bypass the fact that their waiter was doing a great job and instead focused on the fact that they were an atheist.

While we get that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, this waiter at least deserved a good tip, didn’t they? Not paying their bill wasn’t very religious of them.

Fight That Urge

We get it; people have urges. Some people have the urge to eat a whole bucket of ice cream, others have the urge to get a tattoo, and some people have the urge to skinny dip in the ocean. But it seems as though other people get the urge to start fires. Yes, we guess pyromaniacs are living everywhere – and this Stone Roses fan had to deal with one.

Although this guy probably thought he would be getting a kiss at the end of the day, he instead had to deal with the fact that his favorite band poster had gone up in flames. Poor guy.

A Crazy Crush

Love can make you do crazy things, and it’s tough to have a crush in the world of social media. After all, it’s super easy to see who they follow, who they interact with, and what their snap score is on Snapchat. And while some people can move on from these numbers without a care in the world, it seems there are others who want to put a little more research into their crush.

Not only did this person take a mental note of their crush’s score, but they also took a physical note of it! Let’s hope that their crush didn’t see this tweet.

Instant Regret

If you’ve ever watched the show Catfish, you’ll know that what you see online isn’t always what you get. Sometimes the people you meet behind a screen are totally different in real life, which is why it’s not a great idea to get your online crush’s name permanently etched into your skin before you’ve actually met them in person. But we get it; love is a powerful drug! And it can make you do crazy things.

Although this guy thought he was doing something super romantic when he got his online crush’s username tattooed, he soon realized that she wasn’t what he thought when she then deactivated her account. Ouch.

Should We Forgive Her?

Hands up if you did something that you regret when you were younger. There’s a high chance that everyone has their hands up right now because we all did things we shouldn’t. Whether you stole some money from your mom’s purse or stayed out past your curfew, being a teenager was all about pushing boundaries and experimenting. But did you ever steal the phone of someone with cancer? Well, this person did.

Although we don’t condone these actions, it seems as though this woman is now owning up to her mistakes. And the crying emojis make it seem as though she does genuinely regret it!

He Thought It Was a DIY Vaccine

Going to the doctor is a whole ordeal. You put all of your faith into this one person, hoping that they know exactly what’s wrong with you and will cure you of your illness. But perhaps we’ve become a little too trusting. Or maybe they should keep us in the loop a little more? If this pharmacy tech had simply said, “Wait a second, I’ll be back,” this situation would have been avoided.

Lux and Lush

We don’t know how this person managed to vaccinate themselves, but we can’t help but wonder what’s next. Will we be performing surgery on ourselves soon? We seriously hope not.

That Took a Very Weird Turn

Taylor Swift needs no introduction. As one of the most famous singers in the world, she’s celebrated for her musical talent and her celebrity status. But it seems as though some people don’t see her as a singing superstar. Instead, they see her as a walking egg protector. And this guy was quick to let the world know that Taylor’s birthday meant the decline of egg production. Happy birthday, Taylor!

We have a feeling that Taylor would probably just have preferred a normal happy birthday message. After all, she doesn’t seem too worried about the status of her eggs. So thanks, but no thanks.

Time for Jail

People have strong opinions on pizza. Some people believe that pineapple on pizza is criminal, others swear by a thick base, while there are others who don’t like the crust. And while we believe that everyone is allowed to have their own pizza beliefs, surely this person just shouldn’t eat pizza in the first place? Sure, the crust can be dry and crunchy, but it also forms a huge part of the pizza.

Of course, we agree that the tastiest part of the pizza is the top, but how can you waste the rest?! This person needs to go to pizza jail immediately.

Now This Is Alarming

If you’re a good sleeper, spill your secrets! There’s nothing more annoying than laying awake at night and tossing and turning until you eventually fall asleep. And for bad sleepers, the relief of actually getting some sleep can make or break the next day. So, we can totally understand why this guy’s wife would be annoyed that her successful sleeper husband would put on unnecessary and annoying alarms throughout the night.

If he’s not getting up until 6 am, why is he putting on alarms from 2 am? That just doesn’t make sense, and we have a feeling he might be headed for divorce.

Not Exactly Tree-Mendous

We didn’t think we’d ever need to say this, but can everyone please stop chewing on things that aren’t meant to be chewed? And yes, bits of Fir lumber are in that “do not chew” category! But it seems as though this person didn’t know that, which is why they decided to not only chew on bits of wood but also call out builders who use this wood to build houses.

While this was a great experiment to see that lumber is pretty soft, we don’t think someone needed to chew it to find that out. That must have completely ruined their teeth. Their breath might smell nice, though.

Stuck in a Lie Spiral

Okay, we have to feel a little sorry for this person. We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve been caught up in our own lies, after all. Sometimes, it can be easier to simply carry on with your lies rather than embarrass yourself with the truth. And it seems as though that’s exactly what this person did when they made up a fake girlfriend for a joke. Before too long, the lie had gotten out of hand.

You have to commend them for eventually coming out with the truth, right? They could have kept it going for years, so at least that’s something. They did the right thing in the end.

Thanks, Language Expert

If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry, right? Yes, the internet can be a really silly place, especially as there are so many people online who want to gatekeep things for themselves. And while we applaud anyone who has watched anime to the point of being an expert in everything related to the characters and the storylines, nobody can be an expert in another person. And they definitely can’t tell them what their first language is or isn’t.

Although this person may watch anime, that doesn’t mean that they automatically know when someone’s first language is Japanese. But we guess this person didn’t get that memo when they posted this online.

Getting Way Too Involved

We get it; celebrities are entertaining. Most people have their favorite celebrities, and they spend their lives devoted to them and their craft. But leave the celeb research to E! News and The Hollywood Reporter, okay? This guy obviously didn’t get that memo and decided to do a deep dive into the intricacies of John Mulaney and Olivia Munn. On the one hand, we’re slightly impressed. On the other, we’re a little horrified.

Lux and Lush

We could spend days going through the specifics of this celebrity relationship web, but we’re not going to do that. We’ve got better things to do with our lives, you know? Plus, it’s a bit weird.

It’s a Phase, Mom

Every child goes through phases, right? Some go through an emo stage, others go through a sporty phase, and then there are some who go through a phase of trying to kill their grandma, right? Erm, not quite. Although the internet is no stranger to jump-scare videos, they’re normally made with the intention of giving the viewers a good laugh. In this guy’s case, he went through a very different phase.

Although we’re slightly horrified by his actions, it seems as though he’s since come to realize that what he wanted to do was a little crazy. And acceptance is the first step to change, people!

Mama Ghost

We have so many questions. Firstly, who is mama ghost? And secondly, who only eats the white part of a watermelon? If we were to hazard a guess, we’d say that this person thought that the ghost of their mama brought them a plate full of just the white watermelon, but even that poses even more questions. But no matter what really happened here, we don’t think we’re going to be able to bypass this watermelon quirk.

Lux and Lush

The white part of a watermelon is arguably the worst part of a watermelon, but whatever float’s this person’s boat! At least the watermelon wouldn’t be wasted if you lived with this person.

All Charged up

Anyone who has an Apple iPhone will know that once you’re in, you’re stuck. Switching from Android to Apple is easy, but switching back from Apple to Android? It’s impossible. But this poses a bit of a problem when Apple chooses to release new phones and update existing processes every five minutes. Apple customers have no choice but to adapt to these changes, and some people just really don’t like it.

Lux and Lush

This person wasn’t afraid to go off on the fact that their charger was no longer working. And instead of saying that they were all fired up, we’d have to say that they were all charged up!

Stay Woke and Broke

Over the years, the debate around trans individuals has become quite intense, although many of the justifications offered are often absurd and implausible. As an example, this one! Why on earth would you send 110 people to a remote island? What good would it do? However, if you ask us, living in a neighborhood with individuals who are all descended from the same 10 guys would be quite problematic.

Why does their gender identification matter in this situation then? Obviously, it doesn’t. We can only hope that they were able to enjoy themselves on this island.

All in the Family

They say that blood is thicker than water, which is why people will do anything to help out their family members. Sometimes, they’ll even go to the extreme, like donating a much-needed kidney or even adopting their child and raising them as their own! That’s what this woman did when her brother and sister-in-law needed help with their kid, and she didn’t even think twice about it. That’s sisterly love, right?

Lux and Lush

However, we can’t help but think that this has caused all kinds of problems down the line. We don’t even want to think about how awkward their family dinners are.

Please Mind Your Own Business

There’s nothing quite like sharing a momentous achievement on social media and receiving compliments from friends, family, and complete strangers. This can help you feel extra proud of your achievements – especially if it’s not something you could have done years ago. Because of this, we want to give a major round of applause to this woman, who ran an entire mile in under 10 minutes! What an achievement that was.

However, it seems as though the “body positive” commenter didn’t quite understand the meaning of body positive when they wrote this. If this woman is working on a healthy body, she’s nailed it!

When You Assume

You know what they say about assuming, right? In nicer terms, it makes you look silly. Sometimes, doing a little bit of research goes a long way. Or maybe just ask a few questions! But instead of doing that, this person immediately assumed that their small town in Texas was the home of some serious voter fraud. But we guess the bigger question is: why were they looking at their phone anyway?

This whole thing just goes to show that the internet isn’t for everyone, and we can’t help but think that this person was inundated with comments when they posted this online.

The Internet Knows Everything

What do you do when you need to know something you don’t already know? You turn to the internet, of course! You can always guarantee that there is going to be someone who can answer your question online, even if it is an extremely niche and bizarre question. And while we’ve never wondered what happens when someone is shot with a rock salt shotgun shell, now we know, thanks to the internet.

Although this is a little terrifying, one thing we do know is that we’ll feel pretty safe going to Walt Disney World for a family vacation. Apparently, the security staff knows their stuff!

The Religion Debate

If you put ten people in a room and asked them to debate the many intricacies of religion, there’s no doubt about the fact that they would be there for days. Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs, but while they should bring people together, these beliefs tend to divide people. This is especially true on social media – and most people can’t go a day without seeing someone’s post on religion.

But if you ask us, this person should have pressed “delete” when they wrote this post on Facebook. Surely they would have known that this would have caused a ruckus?

Once Upon This Island

Over the years, the debate around trans individuals has become quite intense, although many of the justifications offered are often absurd and implausible. As an example, this one! Why on earth would you send 110 people to a remote island? What good would it do? However, if you ask us, living in a neighborhood with individuals who are all descended from the same 10 guys would be quite problematic.

Why does their gender identification matter in this situation then? Obviously, it doesn’t. We can only hope that they were able to enjoy themselves on this island.

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