Make Traveling Simple With These Smart Plane Hacks


Make Traveling Simple with These Smart Plane Hacks

Flying is exhilarating, whether you’re doing it with loved ones or on your own, but getting there isn’t always simple. While shorter trips are more bearable than longer ones, some of the world’s top travel destinations aren’t just a few hours away. Since so many individuals aim to improve the experience for other travelers, there are thankfully many excellent flying tips and tactics to learn from. Make flying easier by reading on to learn some of the finest tips for airplanes!

Avoid Fizzy Drinks to Stay Comfortable in High Altitudes


Everyone on the plane looks forward to the beverage service, but avoiding some drinks offers advantages as well. Avoiding irritants like bubbles is advantageous because the body is slightly unpleasant as it adapts to being at higher elevations. This may be acceptable for you as well as the others on the plane because it can help stop any undesirable gas once it even begins. Water is definitely a superior choice for maintaining hydration.

It’s hard to say no to an ice-cold can of your favorite soda, but avoiding bubbles can help you feel a lot more comfortable on your long journey in the air.


Book an Aisle Seat for Extra Space

This works better if you are traveling with multiple people, but booking the aisle and window place leaves room for the possibility of nobody sitting in the middle. This is because many individuals avoid saving a middle seat since they aren’t as cozy as the other options, but for airlines that do- this is a clever way potentially get more space.

Sitting in an aisle seat will definitely provide extra space in general, but a window seat will be just as good since most people don’t enjoy sitting in the middle.

Say No to Ice on the Plane, It May Not Be the Cleanest

People advise avoiding meals or beverages that can make you sick since health is important. Although it is safe to eat the ice on an aircraft, it may not be as clean as one might believe. Airlines frequently purchase their ice from other vendors, which means that it must first be stored before being put into your cup. The fact that the storage room isn’t regularly cleansed raises the chance that it isn’t the cleanest.

There are, unfortunately, many things on a plane that could be unsanitary, like the floors and the restrooms. Surprisingly ice could also be something that isn’t clean enough to consume.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones on the Plane Can Help You Relax

When there isn’t an instant of silence, whether it’s a baby wailing or someone with a chronic cough, it can occasionally seem like your flight lasts forever. Therefore, you should definitely get a pair of headphones that block noise before your next flight if you don’t already have one. Regardless of the commotion all around you, you’ll be able to sit back and unwind. When traveling, it’s important to get some rest, and noise-canceling headphones greatly help with that.

Everyone on a plane values peace and quiet, but there isn’t a way to control who sits around you, thankfully, noise-canceling headphones can really help guarantee relaxation when it’s needed.

Get Settled Before Taking That Nap

Naps make time pass by much faster than staying awake, which means they really are a much-needed thing when flying. Some people are quick to nap as soon as they land in their seats, while others take some time to get settled before bedtime. Waiting is actually a better idea because falling asleep quickly won’t give you the time to regulate your body during takeoff. Also, you might end up missing the snack service.

Facebook/ People sleeping on planes

Falling asleep before takeoff also won’t give you a chance to pop your ears when the cabin air pressure changes and that could leave you with a nasty headache after waking up.

The Overhead Air Vent Keeps the Germs Away

If you cringe whenever someone nearby coughs on your flight, this is the perfect tip. Airborne germs like to hang around when there is a lack of airflow, so we recommend keeping the vent above you blowing. The air is fresh, and it can help blow away any germs that might be coming your way. This is particularly a helpful thing to do, so make sure you fly with a couple of extra layers to stay warm.

One thing is sure, airplanes aren’t the cleanest places on earth, and millions of people have probably sat in the same seat as you, which is where this tip comes in handy.

Frozen Water Can Pass Through Security

The disappointing part about flying is that you’re not permitted to bring any liquids through security, leaving you thirsty or spending much-needed cash. Typically, all drinks must be purchased within the airport, which can be very pricey. A clever hack to work around this rule is to freeze your drinks and bring them through the checkpoint while they’re still frozen so you can drink them when they are fully melted.

The fluid restriction applies to liquids, and since this water is frozen, you’ll have no issues getting it through security. That means you get to stay hydrated without spending money.

Wear Layers to Adjust to Changing Temperatures Quickly

Wearing lots of layers while traveling can help you stay both warm and cool whenever need be during an adventure abroad. Temperatures don’t exactly stay consistent on an airplane, and some people wish they had an extra layer while others want less. By wearing a few different items of clothing, staying comfortable is guaranteed, which means you’ll be able to pack fewer things in your suitcase since they’ll be on your body.

If you fly often, then you know that airplanes are always super cold, while traveling itself can make you break a sweat.

Stop a Stiff Neck With This Clever Travel Pillow

There are different possibilities, including neck pillows and blow-up table pillows. They seek to protect your neck while you travel while keeping your comfort in mind. This is because traveling without a cushion could cause the uncomfortable symptoms of a stiff neck and backache, which are common when traveling. With this pillow, you can lay your head on the front rather than the back.

There truly are so many different types of travel pillows on the market, so feel free to choose one that best fits your needs and level of comfort while flying.

Go Left for a Shorter Security Line

Naturally, most people turn to the right when given the option between two lines, but there is a surprising yet logical reason as to why this happens. Some people are left-handed in the world, yet the chances of this are statistically smaller than right-handed. Due to hand dominance, most people will turn to the right when given the option of standing in line, so going left could save you lots of time.

There’s actually hidden psychology that explains why some lines are shorter than others, and understanding this can save you lots of time. So, say goodbye to long security checkpoint lines.

Plan the Perfect Travel Kit Ahead to Have Everything You Need on the Plane

Having a specialized travel kit that goes with you on all travels and contains things like socks and toilet paper could save you time. Deodorant, spare clothing, sunglasses, a passport, & anything else that has to be easily and quickly available are a few things we advise keeping in this pack. Life is easier when things are easily found, and you are unlikely to spend time trying to figure out where your vital goods might be.

Having the perfect travel essentials all in one place and close reach can make traveling much more comfortable, and you’ll never have to go looking for something you can’t find.

Keep a Charging Cable Nearby in the Airport

Before embarking on a lengthy vacation, a charger is a need that should be packed, but since mistakes happen, they are frequently overlooked as well. Thankfully, most airports have plenty of locations for you to put in your gadgets, whether you’re carrying the cable with you or can buy one. So we won’t have to stress about your phone having a dead battery when you land as you can board your airline with confidence.

Forgot your charging brick? No worries, as long as you have the cable, you’ll be able to quickly charge your phone or tablet in the airport- right at your gate.

Keep Your Seat Germ-Free With Disinfectant Wipes

Nobody genuinely enjoys becoming sick, but sadly traveling increases your risk of contracting a disease. Traveling with disinfection wipes is one of the many ways, thankfully, to help prevent that. Wipe everything down before you even take a seat to ensure that everything is clean before you touch it. Although it won’t prevent illness, doing this is a fantastic precaution.

The air on a plane is dry, and that, combined with many germs, is the perfect recipe for a cold, but disinfectant wipes can kill those germs before you touch them.

Book This Airline for Comfortable Economy Seating

For optimal comfort, one airline lets its customers convert the budget chair into a bed. The cost of this option may be somewhat more if you book through Air New Zealand, but it will still be less expensive than selecting a seat in the first or business class sections. This is a wonderful addition for parents taking children on lengthy flights because it allows them to relax and cuddle.

Economy seating isn’t always the most comfortable compared to others, but Air New Zealand takes pride in accommodating families and people who would like to stretch out during a long flight.

Carry Perfumes With Mini Portable Bottles

It can be hard to narrow down which liquids you can bring without exceeding the airline limit, and they also tend to be heavy while taking up room in your bag. Portable perfume spray bottles found online or in most local stores are a fantastic way to save space while carrying your favorite scent. They are much smaller than standard-sized ones and can quickly be filled with the perfume of your choice.

The great thing about these miniature portable tubes is that you won’t have to struggle with choosing which perfumes to take on board due to an airline’s liquid weight limit.

It’s Always Better to Pack More Than Less

Due to a pretty restrictive weight limit with airlines, most travelers turn to pack fewer clothing items in general. That’s totally okay, but making sure that you have extra undergarments could actually be super beneficial in certain moments. Wherever you’re going, laundry might not be an option, and showering could also happen less frequently since you’ll be so busy traveling. Extra accessible underwear, especially in a bag, is great if either scenario occurs.

The truth is, undergarments tend to get dirtier faster than any other clothing, so you might want to change them more often, which is why it’s better to have more than less.

Motion Sickness? Choose a Seat Closer to the Plane’s Center

Turbulence happens much too often, and while some people can bravely handle a bumpy ride, others just can’t sit through it. Unfortunately, this usually occurs due to weather changes, which are out of anyone’s control, but one thing that can be managed is seat choice. If you’re not interested in reaching for a barf bag, try choosing a seat closer to the plane’s center and not one that is in the back.

Motion sickness is very common and can be extremely hard to deal with, especially at the moment. You can stop a sensitive stomach before it even starts by choosing the right seat.

Dryer Sheets Keep the Clothes in Your Suitcase Smelling Fresh

Lots of traveling means lots of sweating, and although you may not necessarily be exercising, it’s just a natural bodily function. Sometimes things are exciting, and even if you’re lying on the beach- your clothes could start to smell. Naturally, you would just put them in the washing machine to freshen them up, but it doesn’t always work. Scented dryer sheets are a great addition to your suitcase, even if you don’t end up using them.

If you are lucky enough to have a way to do laundry, dryer sheets are a much-needed item since a wash alone doesn’t always keep things smelling as fresh as they should be.

Stretch to Increase General Blood Flow

Flying has all types of effects on the body, including poor circulation and a lack of good blood flow. Not moving around enough could actually cause some life-threatening conditions, and although it’s recommended to stretch while on a long flight, stretching before stepping on the plane is even better. This will prepare your body for the long journey ahead and could prevent you from getting any adverse side effects from the flight during your vacation.

To be honest, we’ve never thought about stretching before getting on an airplane- but we’ll definitely consider trying it the next time the opportunity arises since it really is beneficial.

Bring Your Own Clean Blanket Onboard the Plane

There’s nothing better than napping on a plane since it’s good to rest while making time go by much faster. That means a blanket is a much-needed item, but you might want to stay away from the provided plane blankets. Although they often appear clean, they might not have been washed as thoroughly as you’d like. Thankfully, packing your blanket is easy enough, and you can use it as needed.

Since airlines focus on efficient travel, cleanliness isn’t always at the top of their list, but bringing a clean blanket can ensure you stay warm and germ-free on your journey.

Save Money by Not Hiring a Tour Guide for Your Travels

Most first-time travelers feel the need to hire a tour guide since they might not have too much experience on their own. Thankfully, experience isn’t strictly needed anymore in terms of exploring because we have the infinite power of the internet. That means you’ll be able to research any potential destination by yourself, so you can keep more cash in your wallet by traveling on your terms and without a guide to lead the way.


The greatest thing about our modern internet is that anything and everything is sitting at your fingertips, which means you can travel the world without hiring anyone to help you.

Dress Down for Maximum Comfort

On short flights, you shouldn’t have a problem wearing whatever you want, but keep comfort in mind when traveling long hours. Flying is generally stressful on the body, so wearing something that feels good can keep you at ease for the duration of the flight. Plus, you can always quickly change into something better once you land or as soon as you arrive at wherever you are staying during your adventure.

Twitter/@Olivia Culpo

Some people wear their most fashionable clothing while flying on an airplane, while others make comfort a main priority- which is definitely the better option when it comes to travel.

Create a Seat Alert Online for Guaranteed Comfort

Did you know there’s a website where you can create a seat alert if the one you want isn’t available? Well, now you do. This hack will certainly save you from stress in the future if you are automatically assigned that uncomfortable middle seat. If someone cancels their flight and the seat you want is vacant, sites like expertflyer will send you a direct alert so that you can reserve it before anyone else does.

Most people avoid the middle seat, but there isn’t always an option for a seat choice when booking a flight; thankfully, expertflyer can help you pick or switch your seat.

Bring Rechargeable Batteries on a Long Vacation

Almost everything requires batteries to work at this point, but the downside is that they don’t last too long and end up dying at moments when you need them the most. On long vacations, you may use your items more than usual, so bringing rechargeable batteries would be a great idea. This will also guarantee that you can keep everything running seamlessly without having to spend your cash on disposable ones.


If you’re traveling for quite some time, your first instinct might be to bring disposable batteries for your items, but rechargeable ones are actually much more convenient and affordable in the long run.

Get Offline Maps for Wifi-Free Zones

Access to your maps in any wifi-free or service-free location just got much easier with this simple tip. Before heading out to wherever you’re going, download your map on your phone so that it can be used anytime. This will ensure that you’ll never get lost, regardless of what kind of connection your phone may or may not have. Finding your way in unknown territory can be more accessible than ever.


Are you worried about potentially getting lost and having no phone service? Just download your maps before your trip so you can make it to and from your destination without any issues.

How to Pack Smart Instead of Light

For some people, packing is a dreadful task, while others have mastered the art. That’s because figuring out how to efficiently stuff part of your life into a suitcase isn’t always easy. Finding ways to make different items fit inside a single bag really does feel like a puzzle sometimes, but rolling your clothes instead of folding them has a ton of benefits. This allows your clothes to be more organized while also saving space.

We definitely recommend leaving the cat at home, but rolling up the clothes in your suitcase can be a great way to save space. This method can also help prevent wrinkles.

Make a Copy of Important Documentation

Losing something as important as a passport while overseas can be highly problematic, which might even make returning home difficult. To avoid this, make a copy of your essential documentation before leaving for your trip. This would keep you safe and secure so that you can prove your identity even if you lose something like your identification card. Also, it’s generally good to have a backup of important items in case they get damaged.

When traveling, the most common thing to lose is the most important, like plane tickets or even passports. That’s why it’s best to have an extra copy, just in case.

Download Fun Entertainment Before the Flight

Commercial flights have a lot of entertainment, and there is often a large selection of movies and games to choose from- but they might not offer your favorites. You can download your favorite films and games on your devices before the flight to keep yourself busy during those long hours. This doesn’t require wifi or phone service, so you will have many more things to do before arriving at your final location.

Not all airlines offer free wifi, and if they do, the connection typically isn’t strong enough to play games or stream your favorite movies, so downloading them ahead of time is helpful.

Use a Binder Clip as a Razor Cover

One of the hardest things to keep track of is those little plastic covers that protect you from cutting yourself on a razor, which means they’re actually super important. Binder clips are much easier to find and work just as well as those generic razor caps. Simply clip them onto your razor, and you’ll be able to reach for it safely without risking the chance of getting cut or hurt by it.

Razors come with plastic covers, but they aren’t very sturdy, and once they are lost, they’re also impossible to find- but there is no need to worry with binder clips.

Prepare for Airport Security to Make Things Easier

Most of the things that could come with traveling are exciting and fun, but airport security could be a bit stressful for people who don’t know the rules and regulations. Thankfully, they are only strict for safety reasons, and making a mistake once or twice is normal. Checking the restrictions beforehand can guarantee that you’ll pass through security quickly without having to spend more time than you want at the airport’s security checkpoint.


Airport security is strict, and if you accidentally travel with forbidden items, there’s a chance that you’ll miss your flight due to the extra screening that will have to be done.

Avoid the Wait by Calling Customer Service

Airline tickets can be booked online or by phone, but depending on your preference, you might prefer talking to a human being. In that case, you could have encountered wait times that seem like they take hours, but there’s a way to get past that. Customer service queues are much shorter than any other department, so calling them means that you won’t have to wait as long as you’ve waited in the past.

Shutterstock/Antonio Guillem

Whether you’re suitcase is already packed, or your passport is in hand, you’ll still have to book your flight before anything else, but this time- you can avoid the wait.

Bring Snack From Home to Save Money

Snacks might not be the first thing in mind when packing for a trip, but bringing your own could really help save a few bucks here and there. Vending machines and kiosk stores in the airport raise their prices, knowing that almost everyone will purchase some kind of snack for their flight. Stay ahead of the game by bringing your own; all of that extra money in your pocket will make it worth it.

As time passes by, airplane snacks seem to be getting smaller and smaller. So, bringing normal-sized bags from home is an option that will keep you feeling much more satisfied.

Make Some Friends by Exploring Solo

Independent travel requires confidence and tenacity, yet you shouldn’t have to endure waiting for someone else to start checking things off your bucket list. Although it’s normal to feel lonely at first during a vacation, there is an app for that. Party With the Locals is a website that connects you to a lot of locals looking to make friends from overseas. To begin establishing lifelong connections, all you need to do is download the app onto your phone.

Traveling solo, in general, can be nerve-wracking, but you really might mean some extraordinary people by exploring the local cities and nightlife within the places that you end up visiting.

Find a Travel Buddy for a Great Adventure

There are several benefits to traveling alone, such as not having to wait around for others to start sightseeing and the fact that alone time is the best. Additionally, you may very much do anything and everything on your own and at your own pace. Apps like Backpackr can let you safely and securely connect with other tourists in the same location as you since not everyone is prepared to travel alone.

You can bring friends or family on your trip, but they might not always be reliable. If so, it’s actually possible to use the internet to find a travel partner.

Bring an Empty Cup to Stay Hydrated

While you’re packing, you might want to throw a travel mug in your suitcase. It’s pretty effortless and can keep you hydrated in your thirstiest moments. Whether relaxing on the beach or hiking a mountain, there may not be a place where you can buy a drink. Instead, keep that portable bottle filled so that you’ll never find yourself searching for a place where you’ll need to spend money for a sip of water.

Whether it’s a trip or a tour, you’ll find yourself thirsty at some point. Having a travel mug or cup can be handy since it can quickly be filled up.

Keep a Portable Battery at Arm’s Reach

There are several sorts of portable batteries, and some can keep a charge longer than others, giving you more usable power on your phone. Finding a charging station won’t be a problem on your vacation if you purchase one that can save a lot of energy. You might think that carrying them would be an extra burden, but they aren’t heavy, and you’ll be glad you did.

The very last thing anyone wants to worry about on vacation is finding a place to charge your cell phone or any other devices you might carry on your journey.

Drink Water Mid-Flight to Avoid a Cold

Since the air pressure on a plane differs from that on the ground, fresh air must be continuously pumped into the cabin. Although the air is clean, it’s very dry and can leave you with a scratchy throat if you don’t drink enough. Doctors themselves even recommend staying hydrated while on a flight to help your body both adjust and recover from the long and stressful journey of air travel.

Lots of people end up catching a cold after a flight, and that’s because of the general air quality. Water is a great preventative measure; hydration can stop a sore throat.

Make Extra Money by Giving up Your Seat

Overbooking occurs when airlines add more passengers to a flight than there are available seats for. The majority of individuals never even think about offering their seat to someone else, but doing so has advantages. Most airlines will help you schedule an additional flight for free and offer considerable monetary compensation. This may not be anything you would want to do if you have a specific time that you must be somewhere.

If your travel plans are flexible, there aren’t really any downsides to giving up your seat for some extra cash or travel credits that can be used toward another epic trip.

This App Can Find the Best Flight Deals

Are you feeling brave and want to book an at last-minute flight to an amazing location? Download the Ryanair app right away. To prevent you from having to pay the highest possible fares to get anywhere, they will first present you with more affordable flight options. Finding cheap flights has become considerably simpler as a result of the efforts of numerous services to offer their users economical travel options. Saving money is the best thing there is, in fact.

So many different phone applications out there claim to find you the best flight deal for your dollar, so we recommend searching on a few of them and comparing prices.

Keep Track of Flight Status to Stay Updated

Sometimes, life gets in the way, and things don’t always run as smoothly as we’d like them to. Flights get delayed or canceled, and there isn’t much control over traveling at that point. Keeping track of flight information and status can help save you the stress of a last-minute update. You can even sign up for text updates on your airline’s website so that you don’t have to search for your flight on the endless board of departures.

We’ve all done it; accidentally left for the airport a little too late and ended up sprinting to the gate like it’s a race, only to still miss the flight.

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